Replace Rear Brake, Signal, Back Up Lights Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Replace Rear Brake, Signal or Back Up Lights – Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Don’t let a burned out bulb leave you with a ticket or auto repairs due to an accident!

Every light on your car or truck serves a purpose, and safety is always at the top of the list.  It takes only moments to inspect your lights, and knowing that they are working properly can save you from traffic stops, or even worse, an auto accident!

This Auto Repair Pro knows how something seemingly minor, like burnt out lights, can end up with you sitting in the shop.  Why let something like a bulb leave you in danger of serious damage?  It only takes a few minutes to check.  If replacement is needed, get to it right away.

We are going to walk you through the steps to easily change a burned out rear brake, turn signal, or back up light bulb.

Step 1: Unscrew your Light Housing

All of the lights on your car are protected by a lens.  Colored auto lights simply have a colored lens covering them.  You will need to begin by removing the lens housing from your vehicle.  These are most often secured by some Phillips-head screws.  When you are removing these screws, do so with caution and take care to keep them in a safe place so you do not lose or misplace them.

Step 2: Pulling Out the Light Housing

With the screws out, you can now remove the whole bulb housing, also called the bulb assembly, from its hole.  The wiring attached will prevent it from coming out too far, so be gentle when you pull it free.  You do not want to pull too hard and compromise the wiring connections.

Step 3: Unscrew your Bulb Holder

There is a plug holding your brake or tail light assembly in place.  This plug is also screwed into the light assembly itself.  If you will follow the wires back to the backside of the light that needs to be replaced, you will easily see which bulb holder you will need to detach.  It isn’t screwed down tight, in fact you will only need to turn it a quarter-turn to remove it and pull it free.

Step 4: Remove the Old Bulb

You have finally made it to your burned out bulb.  We’re ready to get that out and insert the new one.  Most bulbs will simply pull right out, but if it does not, try giving it a quarter-turn like you did in the step above.  Once the bulb is free, discard it and insert the new bulb.  Now work in reverse to re-attach the assembly and housing, and re-secure the light housing with the same screws you removed in step 1.

Ready for the Road

You did it!  Now you are perfectly street legal and ready to get back on the road!  In addition to having learned a new automotive skill, you know your lights are working properly, helping to keep you as safe as you can be and hopefully avoiding any accidents that leave you sitting in the auto repair shop later.

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