Basic Auto Problems Guide 3 – By Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Basic Auto Problems Guide 3 – By Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Auto repairs are a necessity for nearly every driver.  You too will likely face an unexpected breakdown someday.  While there are countless auto problems you may suffer from, below you will find some common auto troubles you may be looking at.  Visit us often as new articles are added to our Columbia SC Auto Pro Blog series – Basic Auto Problems Guide.

Power Steering Problems or Failure:

Power steering issues can cause big trouble.  In the event your power steering fails, try to stay calm and pull the vehicle to the roadside.  Since your power steering is what allows for smooth steering, you will likely need to use great force when turning the wheel.  If you have power brakes, you may also have to exert more force on the brake to make the car stop.  Since power steering trouble often has few warning signs, you may find yourself grounded if you are unable to adequately steer or stop the vehicle.  Proper power steering repair is a detailed operation that requires special tools and the hand of experience, so problems of this nature will likely require an auto repair shop or skilled mechanic.

Heat and Air Conditioning Problems:

There are many problems that can cause trouble within an auto’s heating and air conditioning system.  If there is no air coming out of the vents, than it is likely the blower motor is the problem.  If mechanically inclined, you can locate your blower motor and look near the motor for a plate that is screwed down. There is an electrical connector that uses around six wires. You should check the resistor prior to placing it in the car. First check all fan speeds of both the heat and air conditioning settings.  Checking the fuses for the fan speeds should be your first step, as it will be the simplest solution to the problem.  If all fuses are good, your blower motor is likely in need of replacement.  If your problem involves a lack of heat or warm air, only producing cool airflow from the vents, the heater core may be at fault.  Since removal of the heater core may involve leaking fluids, extreme caution is advised.  Unless you are an experienced mechanic, auto repairs involving the heater core or any intricate components of either the heat or air conditioning system should be handled by an auto repair professional.

Misfiring spark plugs:

Spark plugs may be small, but they are an essential component of your motor.  Without properly working spark plugs, your car can experience a variety of engine malfunctions or lead to even worse problems.  Your spark plugs ignite the compressed fuel within an internal combustion engine. Misfiring spark plugs will affect your auto’s engine power as well as the fuel economy.  Even worse, faulty spark plugs can result in damage to the catalytic converter, which is sure to ultimately involve a much costlier auto repair.

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