Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Auto Repair & Automotive Gifts for Anyone

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Auto Repair and Automotive Gifts for Anyone

As the holidays draw nearer, many of you are beginning to think of Christmas gift ideas.  There are all kinds of great automotive items and auto repair services that make wonderful gifts for both men and women.  As the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro, I thought I’d be remiss to not mention at least a few of the amazing automotive related gifts available.Think about how much time you spend in your vehicle.  Most of us spend a great deal of our lives in the car.

What better gift than offering road safety?

There are a host of automotive gift sets available.  At this time of year especially, you can find anything from a wash and wax gift set to a full-blown roadside assistance kit chock full of anything you could possibly need in an emergency situation.  You know best what the gift recipient would like, but auto related gifts can be used by anyone that has a car!  They are appropriate for any age of driver and are just as helpful for a male or a female.

Battery Jump Box

Although I think every car should already have one of these, a battery jump box can mean the difference between sitting and waiting for help and having it at your fingertips.  This is an especially good automotive gift option if you know someone who chronically leaves the headlights on or finds other ways to constantly drain their battery.

Portable Electric Air Pumps

A portable electric air pump can be a real life saver.  Sure, if the tire is getting low you know you have to check it for leaks or get it replaced, but what happens when it is smack in the middle of your day, when you have absolutely no way to go take care of the issue?  This is when an electric air pump can become your best friend.  Better yet, you can purchase many battery jump boxes complete with a portable air pump attached!  There are many models available with a variety of extras, but with a little hunting I’m sure you can find something to fit the bill for what you need at a variety of price levels.

Auto Repair Tools and Automotive Tool Kits

You will find a vast selection of automotive repair tools and accessories.  There are kits with basic auto repair tools, larger sets that are complete with tools and replacement fuses, and basic auto repair helpers.  I think this makes an especially good automotive Christmas gift for new drivers or aspiring mechanics.  If you are feeling particularly crafty and looking to add more to a kit by making it yourself, be sure to check out this list our Must Carry automotive items and Essential Auto Repair Tools list.

Auto Repair Gift Cards or Gift Certificates

Many auto repair shops or mechanics offer or are willing to offer pre-paid automotive services.  Know someone that is short on time or the cash to get some needed automotive work done?  The gift of a pre-paid oil change is a perfect gift!  Maybe you have someone facing a costly repair.  If you don’t want to just hand them the money to get it done, you can always offer a gift of pre-paid auto repairs or partially paid auto repairs.  Most independent auto repair shops or mechanics will be more than happy to work with you on figuring out the best way to help out the intended automotive Christmas gift recipient.

If you’d like to give the gift of auto repairs this season, contact Sanford’s Automotive Service to see how we can help with nearly any domestic or foreign auto repair in Columbia, SC.  Our auto repair shop on Wilson Blvd. has been providing superior quality auto repairs at reasonable prices since 1989!  This season, give the gift of peace of mind; give the gift of auto repairs!

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