Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Bump Steer & Torque Steering

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Bump Steer & Torque Steering

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro has talked about some different steering issues over the past few weeks. Bump steering and torque steering issues round out the list of the most common problems with steering.  Read more from our ASE Certified Master Mechanic.

Bump Steering

What I mean by this is when the steering reacts unfavorably, like jerking or swerving, when you drive over a bump.  This is usually caused by uneven toe changes.  Check the front toe with your suspension compressed.  Then, check it again with your suspension raised just a little.  If the change is not equal between your front tires it can cause momentary pulling.

Things that could be potential auto repair issues include:

  • Structural issues – If your vehicle’s structure has been compromised in any way, it could be to blame.
  • Un-level parallelogram steering linkage – Have a look at your idler arm height.  Adjust it accordingly
  • Un-level steering rack – Take a look at the rack height and your rack mounts.  Repair accordingly.
  • Improperly adjusted toe – If the steering linkage was not properly centered before toe was adjusted, it may result in bump steering problems.
  • Damaged steering arm – Both steering arms should be the same height.  Check to see that they are. You may need to replace the knuckle or strut arm.

Torque Steering Problems

This occurs when your steering goes off to one side during fast acceleration.  Front –wheel drive autos that have unequal length drive shafts often have this problem, creating a pull toward the side with a longer driveshaft.  While you cannot get rid of a problem like this, there are things that will definitely make the problem worse.

Check the following known areas of concern:

  • Control arm bushings – If your control arm bushing are loose or broken, repair or replace as needed.
  • Engine or transaxle mounts – Check for loose or broken transaxle or engine mounts.  Repair as needed.
  • Tie rod ends – If you have failing tie rod ends you likely already know you need to get them repaired by a reputable mechanic.
  • Inner tie rod sockets – Loose or badly worn inner tie rod sockets could also be a potential issue.

If you are experiencing issues with steering and need help finding or repairing you steering problem, call Sanford’s Automotive Service in Columbia, SC for an ASE Certified Master Mechanic that can diagnose and fix your auto problems and get it done right the first time.  Call 803-735-7902 for information or to schedule your Columbia auto repair appointment now!

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