Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Maintenance Costs of a New Car

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on Maintenance Costs of a New Car

Some of you may be in the market for a new vehicle this holiday season.  When purchasing any automobile, the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro suggests weighing the cost of maintenance on your new ride before you buy.

Average maintenance costs can vary greatly between make and models.

Calculating Maintenance Costs

You can’t even gauge your maintenance costs based on similar size or other qualities.  One car may run $400 a year for the first few years of maintenance, while others, even very similar vehicles, may run you closer to $1200.  Most vehicles have a fairly strict suggested maintenance schedule that must be followed in order to keep from voiding your warranty.

There are multiple car makers that will sometimes offer auto buyers a full maintenance package that will be included in the purchase price of the vehicle. This is perfect since your maintenance costs will be zero.  Considering that it is free, you are more likely to actually get the proper maintenance performed.

There are many sources available to compare automotive maintenance costs.  Consumer Reports often compiles maintenance costs for many types of cars and trucks.  They usually have the most information to offer on the subject, as well as being more current than many other places I have found.

More than Maintenance: Other Costs to Consider

A budget savvy and economically minded buyer will have more than maintenance costs to factor in to the new automobile purchase as well.  These auto buyers will want to calculate things like the average costs of repairs on a certain car or the depreciation of that vehicle over a specific number of years.  Both of these can cost you a lot if you are not checking everything out before you make the new auto purchase.

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro is always a supporter of handling the easy auto repair and auto maintenance tasks yourself if you have the know-how, but when you are looking at doing what is required to keep your new auto warranty valid, D-I-Y is not really a consideration.

If you find yourself in need of an ASE Certified Master Mechanic with a great reputation to handle your regular auto maintenance schedule, come by our auto repair shop or call 803-735-7902 to schedule your auto repair or auto maintenance today!  Sanford’s has been proudly serving the Columbia, SC metro area since 1989 and we offer the experience you need and the superior service you want.

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