Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on When to Replace a Water Pump

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro on When to Replace a Water Pump

When you need a cooling system repair, you may be experiencing problems with your water pump.  Your water pump is an integral part of your automotive cooling system. The engine relies on constant coolant circulation throughout the entire cooling system in order to keep engine temperature controlled.  A faulty or bad water pump affects this flow.

How Does my Water Pump Work?

Let’s look at what is going on in your engine.  You see, there is a lot of combustion going on in the cylinders.  This creates a tremendous amount of heat which must be able to be released.  While some of this heat is channeled out of the exhaust system, it cannot all be released that way.  The rest of the heat is diffused using a series of passages that ultimately carry the heat to the radiator where it can be dispersed into the air.  The water pump is essential to the proper fluid circulation.  Your auto’s water pump is powered by your engine.  It operates by use of a belt.

The Engine is Not Circulating Water Properly

In some cases, the engine has failed to circulate water or coolant properly due to a bad water pump belt, damaged serpentine belt, or even a broken V-belt.  If one of these covers your case, you are in luck.  This is a pretty easy auto repair and can be completed in a relatively short time.  If the water pump itself has gone bad, it will require the entire unit to be replaced.  While it is not one of the most extensive auto repairs, replacing a water pump is a time consuming repair.

How Do I Know If My Water Pump Is Bad?

The first and most common sign of trouble with the cooling system in general is the basic overheating of your engine.  If you are running too hot on the engine temperature, check out the cooling system first.  Sometimes the pulley located on the front of your water pump has sheared completely off.  This would be a pretty obvious sign that you need to replace your water pump.  If you have tested your cooling system and everything else appears to be working properly, have a closer look at your water pump.  One of the first signs of a failing water pump is called weeping.  Because of their design, when the bearing inside begin to fail it causes the seal to start allowing tiny drops of your coolant to leak out.  When you begin to see these little drops appearing under your car, this is a warning that the water pump is on its last leg, so to speak.  Another simple test is to take a listen.  With the car running and the engine warmed up and circulating coolant, you should not hear your water pump.  If you do hear any type of whine or grinding noises, scraping or rubbing or any type of sound really, it is a good indication that the bearings in your water pump are likely breaking down.

If you are experiencing coolant circulation problems you must get it repaired.  Just like the human body, decreased or poor circulation can cause massive problems.  This is an issue that must be dealt with and properly repaired as soon as possible.  If you are in the Columbia, SC auto repair pro area, come by our auto repair shop on Wilson Blvd.  We take all types of autos, foreign and domestic, and our ASE Certified Master Mechanic will get you fixed up and back on the road fast!  Call 803-735-7902 to schedule your next auto repair appointment and see why Sanford’s Automotive Service has been around since 1989! 

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