Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro w a Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist

Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro with a Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist

Temperatures are on the rise and the near of the school year is coming fast.  That means we are already looking towards summer and all of that extra driving and road hazards that comes with it.  Is your vehicle ready for the taxing summer months?  The Columbia, SC Auto Repair Pro walks you through the Summer Automotive Maintenance Checklist to make sure you are!

Battery Check

It is very common for corrosion on your battery to build up over the harsh winter months.  You need to check for corrosion and remove the corrosive buildup on the battery.  Clean battery terminals help your car to start without trouble.

Headlight Check

It is easy to miss a headlight that has burned out.  It is always better to check them every now and then to avoid traffic stops or a potential ticket.  Not to mention, decreased light on the road as you drive can lead to unseen road hazards that could result in damage to your automobile, or worse, accidents or bodily harm.  Click these links to learn more about checking your other vehicle lights or how to change a headlight?

Flush the Radiator

Coolant needs to be changed.  By regularly flushing your radiator you help the cooling system to works its best, in turn, allowing other components of your engine to work at their best.  Learn how to flush your radiator at least once a year to helps keep your radiator in good shape.

Air Filter Change

Replacing your air filter is really easy.  You should change your air filter twice every year.  Click here for simple, easy to follow instructions from the Columbia, SC Auto Repair Pro on how to change your air filter.

Windshield Wiper Check

Sometimes you don’t really think about it, but your windshield wipers really take a beating.  Summer rain can pop up at any time and you need to be ready.  Poor vision in bad weather can lead to accidents that can damage your vehicle or you!  It only takes moments to learn how to replace your windshield wipers and be sure you are ready.

Tire Inspection

Summer already means more driving.  It often means more driving in wet or slick conditions too, and that means it is time to give those tires a good inspection.  If your tires are not up to par, you are putting yourself and every passenger in your car at risk.  Check the tire tread depth and make sure that your tire pressure is within the recommended specifications for your type.

Brake Check

You really should take care to properly inspect the brakes at least twice every year.  The brakes are of the utmost importance to your overall vehicle safety and you need to be sure they are in good shape and ready to perform properly when needed.  Checking your brake fluid as part of your brake inspection is also a good idea while you are at it.  Brake repairs are no joke and you need to have a professional handle any brake repairs if it is beyond your level of skill.

The Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro at Sanford’s Automotive Service is always here to help if you need assistance with any kind of auto repair, both foreign and domestic.  From top to bottom, front to back, we offer full service car care, auto repair, and vehicle maintenance.  Stop by today to see why Sanford’s is the best mechanic in Columbia, SC!

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