How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Save You Money

How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Save You Money

You shouldn’t wait until you have a serious problem to see a mechanic. Keep reading to learn how regular auto maintenance can save you money.

Is putting off auto maintenance work costing you money?

You might be saving a little now but you could be paying big later.

A vehicle that isn’t maintained loses 50,000 miles from its estimated lifespan.

Proper auto maintenance ensures your automobile lasts longer and keeps you safe on the road.

A simple oil change keeps your engine safe from costly engine friction. Oil that isn’t replaced turns into sludge which causes massive engine damage.

Vehicles that are not well-maintained are often contributors to collisions.

A stalling engine could have your vehicle stopping all over the place. Worn tires will not have proper tread for optimal traction on the road. Worn down brake pads reduce stopping power and can be fatally dangerous on the road.

Repairs and collisions are often costly situations for an automobile owner.

This article helps you avoid these costs by learning the benefits of vehicle maintenance.

Types of Preventative Auto Maintenance

Oil Changes: Oil ensures the proper lubrication of your engine.

You’ll want to ensure you have enough oil in your vehicle. Check your vehicle’s manual to determine proper oil levels.

Also, you need to regularly change the oil within your automobile.

Old automobile oil will not properly be able to lubricate an engine. The average cost of replacing a car engine ranges from $2,250 to $7,000.

Tire Inspections: Tires often come into contact with all elements on the road. These elements can speed up wear on the tread of tires over time.

Tires are also dangerous when not properly inflated. Your vehicle’s manual has proper inflation numbers.

Vehicles with under-inflated tires are three times as likely to be in a tire-related crash when compared to well-maintained vehicles.

Tire rotation saves $300-650 when compared to the average cost of tire replacement.

Brake Inspections: Have you heard or felt grinding when your vehicle comes to a stop? Grinding noises could mean you are in desperate need of a brake repair.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collected data about situations where a vehicle fault caused a crash. Failing brakes were the second highest vehicle-related contributor to automobile crashes.

Maintaining brake pads cuts brake repair bills in half. Brake rotor replacements are twice as expensive as brake pads.

Benefits of Regularly Maintaining Your Vehicle

Huge Savings: Vehicles that are well-maintained last 50% longer than neglected automobiles.

The small cost of repairs greatly outweighs that of getting another vehicle.

A vehicle that is well-maintained will also keep more of its resale value. Every $1,000 spent on vehicle maintenance can save up to $8,000 in future repair costs.

Increased Fuel Efficiency: A well-maintained vehicle can have a 30% increase in fuel efficiency. An increase in fuel efficiency means fewer trips to the gas station.

Prices of gasoline are always changing. In the event that gas prices increase, an increase in fuel efficiency means big savings.

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