Troubleshooting Engine Hesitation with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Troubleshooting Engine Hesitation with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

You step on the gas but the engine is slow to respond.  You can feel you are lacking power, and you fear there are auto repairs in your near future.  Before you get too worried, let the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro walk you through troubleshooting and diagnosing engine hesitation problems.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter clogs the airflow from adequately moving through the engine.  Replacing the air filter may solve your issue.

Check the Spark Plugs

When spark plugs become too dirty or get worn, they no longer function properly.  Inspect your spark plugs and see if they require replacement.

Check out the Ignition Wires

Your ignition wires can become worn or damaged over time.  Sometimes they are not getting a solid connection.  Inspect your ignition wires condition and connections.  Is you find damage, replace the wires.

Check the rest of the Ignition System

Your ignition wires may be okay, but something may be malfunction elsewhere within the ignition system.  You need to check the rotor or distributor cap.  Another possibility is a bad ignition module.

Could you have Bad Gas?

If you have water mixed into the gas in your tank, it could be causing problems.  If you believe this is the problem, you will want to drain your gas tank and flush it out.  This will require flushing it with fresh, untainted gasoline and then refilling, which is usually an auto repair that a mechanic handles.

Carburetor Problems

For those that may have a carburetor, you could be having an issue within the power circuit.  You could also be looking at a faulty accelerator pump.  If you believe that this is the problem, you will want to have either the carburetor or accelerator pump replaced.

Check your Fuel Filter

A clogged, dirty fuel filter can cause all sorts of problems.  Inspect your fuel filter and make sure that the gasoline is able to flow through easily and smoothly.  If it has too much debris, replace the fuel filter and your problems will probably be taken care of.

Check the Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic convertor may be clogged or faulty.  Get it checked out and replace if necessary.

Our Columbia SC auto repair shop would love to have our ASE Certified Master Mechanic take care of all of your automotive problems.  We are open five days a week and available Saturdays by appointment.  Sanford’s Automotive Service has been pleasing Columbia area drivers since 1989 and we would be happy to solve your problems too.  For an auto repair shop that gets it fixed right the first time, head on in to Sanford’s at 7917 Wilson Blvd. in Columbia, SC or call 803-735-7902.

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