Troubleshooting Transmission Repair Help w Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Troubleshooting Transmission Repair Help with Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

All auto repairs are usually a headache when they come unexpectedly.  Transmission problems are ALWAYS a headache because we all know, transmission repairs are never cheap.

Your transmission problems will fit into one of 2 categories.  The first is it simply will not go.  The second is that it does not operate smoothly.  The following information will apply to either of these usual transmission problems.  Start with the transmission troubleshooting list that could help you out before you hit the auto repair shop.

Check transmission fluid levels

Although you don’t often have to add it, you should routinely check your auto’s transmission fluid levels.  Less than adequate fluid levels can cause the car to shift poorly.  In addition, it can cause more extensive, more costly damage to your transmission if left below recommended levels.  If levels are low, add fluid to bring it up to correct, and then begin monitoring it daily.  If you seem to be losing the transmission fluid on a regular basis, it is probably due to a transmission leak.

Locating a Transmission Leak

Because the transmission is a closed system, finding your leak probably won’t be so hard.  Almost all cars use a red colored transmission fluid.  This also helps in detecting a transmission leak.  Some of the most common areas for transmission leaks are:

Ž  The transmission filler tube base

Ž  Around the drain hole found under your transmission

Ž  In the area between your transmission and your engine

Ž  At your selector shaft (that rod connecting your gear shift to your transmission)

Ž  Where the speed sensor mounts (the cable going into your transmission housing or the electronic sensor that is bolted to the housing)

Ž  Your radiator – yes, transmission fluid can leak into the radiator fluid if you have a transmission cooler.  Have a look – if it is present, you will see it since it will not blend in easily

Check for a Clogged Filter

Can you even remember the last time you changed or had your transmission’s filter changed?  If you don’t know or you know it has been quite a while, I’d give this a shot before you start pricing a transmission rebuild.

Found my Transmission Problem – Now What?

I’m sorry to say that most transmission problems are a bigger job than the average home mechanic is prepared or knowledgeable enough about to take on.  Jobs of this nature require special tools and equipment that are usually not found outside of an auto repair shop due to their cost.

But now you have a specific problem to approach your mechanic or auto repair shop with.  Let him (or her) know what problems you had and what your own inspection revealed.

Do I Need a Transmission Rebuild?

Eventually, every transmission will get to the point that a rebuild is your only option.  Before you decide to do this though, know that you are in for a very expensive auto repair.  Did you try changing your transmission filter? If you didn’t, I strongly suggest you try it now.  In a great many cases a new filter will do wonders.

If the time has come to bring it in for a transmission repair or transmission rebuild, be sure that you go to a reputable mechanic or auto repair shop.  Our auto repair shop in Columbia, SC would be glad to take a look and see what we can do for you.  If you are in the greater Columbia area, call today to schedule your transmission repair or other auto repair or service.

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