What Exactly is a Differential Repair?

What Exactly is a Differential Repair?

Your car\’s front and rear differentials are what allows you to turn, so they\’re pretty important for driving. Read on to learn more about a differential repair.

Wondering what a differential repair is?

Like many people, you\’re not the only one.

In order for you to understand what a differential repair is, you need to know what a differential is and how important it is in the running of your car.

What is a differential?

A differential plays an important role in powering your car. Its main purpose is to transfer power to the wheels.

When turning in a vehicle, the outside wheel will turn at a different speed to the inside wheel. The outside wheel has to move faster than the inside wheel in order to stay in time with it.

The differential is important in that it allows the wheels to turn at different speeds without any problems.

The ride quality would be shaky without the differential present to keep things even.

Depending on the drivetrain of your vehicle, the differential will be in a different place.

For example, four wheel drive vehicles have the differential in both the front and the back, whilst a rear-wheel drive has the differential in the back. All-wheel drives place the differential in between both sets of wheels.

What is a differential repair?

As you can imagine, driving your vehicle around can put a fair amount of wear and tear on your differential.

It is very important to keep it in shape, as leaving it to wear down can seriously affect your drive quality.

How do I know I need a differential repair?

There are some warning signs you may want to take note of to make sure your car stays running correctly.

The most obvious sign of differential wear and tear is a strange noise coming from the axle of your car.

If this becomes apparent, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you don\’t, it may freeze up – which may not only damage other parts such as the driveshaft and axle but could be, of course, very dangerous.

What is the procedure for getting my differential repaired?

There are some things that need to be considered when thinking about taking your differential for a shape up.

Things to make note of are how much your vehicle takes on different kinds of terrain.

More difficult terrain, such as dirt roads, or unpaved roads can cause the differential to wear away much more quickly.

Depending on your vehicle and the state of your differential, the type of maintenance performed will be different.

Common problems include worn gears or bearings, as well as a damaged u-joint (which connects the differential to the drive shaft).

Your technician may also find that the differential fluid level is low, and if so, it will be topped up. A low fluid level causes the differential to run too hot and wear away more quickly.

It\’s also worth asking your technician when/how often your differential fluid needs changing. This can save you some time and expense in the future.


A healthy differential is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle healthy.

With regular maintenance, you can make sure your car stays in great shape and running smoothly.

If you car needs differential repair, or you\’re not sure whether it\’s in tiptop shape, bring it in to the experts and let\’s give it the service it deserves.

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