How to Know You're Getting Good Brake Service

How to Know You’re Getting Good Brake Service

You can\’t afford to get poor brake service, otherwise you could find yourself in some serious hot water. 

Your brakes are important for the safety and functionality of your vehicle, but going in for brake service can be a major headache. How do you keep from getting ripped off for unnecessary repairs?

Luckily, we\’ve got your guide to getting great service for your breaks. Let\’s start by looking at your brakes\’ lifespan.

Factors that impact the lifespan of your brakes

There\’s no way of predicting when you\’ll need brake service. It could be anywhere from 100 miles to 100,000. It really all comes down to your individual driving habits.

Frequent off-road driving, spending a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic, and regularly traversing steep-grade mountain roads all put additional stress on your brakes that cause them to wear out more quickly.

But while there\’s no set schedule on when you should service your brakes, there are signs you can look for that indicate when you should make an appointment at a shop.

When to get brake service

Brakes are difficult to service on your own because of the special equipment required to do so. To access your brakes, your car needs to go up on a lift so the tires can come off. Then to complete the service, the brake components often need to be disassembled.

That\’s why you should go to a professional at the first sign of trouble. Usually, an abnormal sound will indicate your brakes need service soon. Sometimes that\’s a squealing, grinding, or chattering noise.

While not all sounds are immediate cause for concern, but you should never put off getting your brakes checked by a qualified service provider.

Signs of a good shop

A good shop will tell you exactly why certain repairs need to be done, be transparent about the cost breakdown, and provide a price quote before doing anything. They\’ll also have a courteous and professional phone presence, and the shop itself will be tidy (but probably a little dirty).

Prioritizing your time and schedule indicate quality customer service, but you should also vet your shop by asking pointed questions.

Questions to ask when getting your brakes serviced

It\’s easy to make the mistake of going with the cheapest repair provider, but that\’s seldom the best choice. Ask your shop:

What services are included?

Complete brake service should include braking mechanism adjustments, resurfacing rotors, flushing out old brake fluid, and adding new fluid. Don\’t let a shop upcharge these as separate services.

When will it be done?

Some shops offer same-day service, but others require appointments. Find out how long the service will take before you bring your car in.

What certification(s) do their mechanics have?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE) is the standard certification provider for professional servicers. Find a shop that only employs ASE-certified mechanics.

Asking these questions ahead of time ensures only qualified mechanics get under your hood.

Give me a brake!

Now that you know how to get the best brake repair, make sure the rest of your vehicle is taken care of with our maintenance checklist.

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