Who Is the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro?

Who Is the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro?

Sure, our various auto repair and automotive related blogs give you all sorts of helpful car advice, informative and easy to follow auto repair tutorials, and great tips and tricks straight from our ASE Certified Master Mechanic.  But we would like to tell you a little more about the Columbia, SC Auto Repair ProTo start, his name is Michael Sanford and his is the proud owner of Sanford’s Automotive Service.  His full service auto shop offers auto repairs, auto maintenance and most other automotive services for both domestic and foreign autos. The shops serves customer in and around Columbia, South Carolina and has been making customers happy since 1989.

Sanford’s Automotive Service offers over 30 years experience and GM and ASE Master Certified Technicians.  The motto at Sanford’s is “If we can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.”

We all know, when you find a mechanic that is knowledgeable and skilled in auto repair, AND offers honesty, and personable, courteous service as well, it can really help take the sting out of auto repairs.  Mike Sanford and Sanford’s Automotive Service gives you just that!

Who is Mike Sanford?

Mike Sanford started working on motorcycles and cars in his own garage at an early age. When he later began entering racing competitions in both Motorcross and Late Model Sportsman Dirt Track, he soon understood the need to know as much as possible for himself about automotive and engine repair. After working to learn all he could on his own, he started working as an auto mechanic at local dealerships.  For more than 10 years he worked at amassing experience and acquiring more knowledge and training.  Then he realized it was time to open his own garage, and the rest is part of Columbia, SC history.

Mike runs his auto repair business with the knowledge that each of his customers is very particular about who services their cars and trucks.  His superior customer service, attention to detail and impeccable skill is what wins the trust and loyalty of the drivers he serves.

“My customers want someone they can trust who will stand behind the work they do… and they want [auto repair work] done in a timely manner. I personally guarantee the [repair and service] jobs that leave my shop. If a customer isn’t happy, I’ll do my best to make them happy.”  — Mike Sanford, owner Sanford’s Automotive Service

Sanford’s Automotive Service knows that no customer is fond of surrendering their investment, their automobile, to a huge corporation simply viewing them as another number on an invoice. Mike Sanford truly cares about the quality of service he gives and he cares about every one of his customers and their individual needs.

Not only does Sanford’s Automotive Service deliver the high quality workmanship and personalized service our clients demand and deserve, you get auto repairs and services for considerably less than dealerships will charge. The labor rates at Sanford’s are usually 15% to 25% less than those of major automotive dealerships in the area.

With training and experience of this level, why subject yourself and your auto to any big dealership servicing hundreds of customers a week? Do not wait for two days when the repair only takes an hour. You do not need to pay outrageous labor rates that many others charge.  Sanford’s Automotive Service gives you the personal service you deserve, completes your repairs or automotive maintenance in a timely fashion and he does it at prices you can actually afford.

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