Safe Spring Break Travels w the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

Safe Spring Break Travels with the Columbia SC Auto Repair Pro

It’s almost time for the Spring Break travel to begin.  Maybe you’re off on a trip or maybe you’re just driving the kids from spot to spot, trying to fill their time…either way, all the extra driving can be tough on your car.  At times like this it is even more important that your vehicle is getting proper maintenance and check-ups.  Having professionals perform this routine maintenance and regular inspections reduces your chances of getting traffic tickets for minor violations from minor issues like burnt bulbs, it also increases the odds of actually discovering automobile problems before you are facing more serious auto repairs. And if performed before you start on your Spring Break or other trips, it will significantly reduce the chances of having unexpected break downs on your trip.

At a professional auto repair shop an ASE certified master mechanic will not only perform your automobile repair, but will also examine the entire vehicle for any further areas of concern. If you only take your car in when something has gone dreadfully wrong, you will likely face a lot of unexpected issues in the years to come. You should always think carefully about the mechanic you choose to perform auto repairs and regular auto maintenance.

You should always deal with a certified expert in auto repairs. Being “ASE Certified” does not mean we charge outrageous prices for repairs or checkups like some dealership mechanics may charge. A truly professional auto repair shop or reputable certified mechanic looks at your whole car to be sure that it is performing to the best of its abilities. A thorough mechanic may want to look at things other than your immediate area of concern, like checking fluids, the engine, brakes, tires, maybe the heating and air condition systems and possibly even the auto glass.

The mechanic looks for adequate fluid levels, as well as normal color and viscosity, and can identify any areas of leakage. Having too much of a fluid in your system may be as big a problem as having too little.  Auto repair professionals measure the amount of oil, brake, transmission fluids and coolant or anti-freeze. This makes sure your automotive systems both hold fluids and circulate them as they should.

Your mechanic may also look at your auto electrical wiring and the electrical connections.  They check that all automotive lights, like blinkers, emergency flashers and signals are securely attached and showing no signs of excessive wear or stripping, which could lead to fires.

Your brakes will also likely be inspected.  Squeaking, squealing brakes may not indicate a huge problem, but it does require a mechanic or auto repair professional. The auto service station may test the rate of pressure build-up, any low pressure warnings, or leaks within the air pressure system.

It is also essential to actually inspect all tires and check for adequate air pressure. Deflated tires heat up on the road increasing your risk of blow outs and even if it does not blow, it still reduces your fuel efficiency. A reputable auto repair shop looks for any signs of cracking or other significant wear in the tires that might warrant replacement. Bad tire quality will reduce traction between your tire surface and the road, thereby increasing the likelihood of having auto accidents.

Having your car serviced should be about more than fixing a single problem. Automotive service should be about caring for your whole car, and finding that auto repair shop that cares for your vehicle as much as you do.

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